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El Bonito Tianguis Orgánico

"We decided to make our event Carbon Neutral because helping with the care and development of forests creates momentum for a more peaceful country. The violence that we speak out against so strongly begins when landowners leave rural areas, fail to find opportunities, and resort to violence".


Carlos Díaz Pérez

"I compensated for my CO2 emissions because I believe in the work of Grupo Sierra Gorda and because I have a son who I want to be able to see a better planet".


"We know that CO2 has negative environmental impacts and that it is created as a result of our daily activities. For Tradex, it is important to compensate for our CO2 footprint with a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to the replanting and protection of forests, as this helps create awareness of the effects of our actions on the Earth.", Wendy Hesketh, Tradex CEO.


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