Individual and Family Offset Packages

In today's society, even the most environmentally-conscious among us are going to leave a carbon footprint.

But the good news is, with Carbon Neutral Planet you can now offset the greenhouse gas emissions that you can't avoid causing.

Simply select our Individual Offset Package, or you can track your activity to more accurately calculate and offset your carbon emissions.

Individual Offsets  

Individual Offset Package

Offsets the average person's carbon footprint for 12 months.

Build your Own Package

Enter your activity and energy usage to more accurately calculate your emissions.
Offset your home energy use 
How many people live in your home?
people 0.00 Tonnes
Vehicle Offset Package
Offsets the yearly carbon emission of an average car in North America 
Cars 0.00 Tonnes
Offset for a small/medium car kilometers 0.00 Tonnes
Offset for a large vehicle kilometers 0.00 Tonnes
Offset for a truck/commercial vehicle  kilometers 0.00 Tonnes
Frequent Flyer Offset Package
Offsets the carbon of 5 short-haul return flights
packages 0.00 Tonnes
Return short-haul flight (less than 2 hours each way) Flights 0.00 Tonnes
Return medium-haul flight (between 2 and 4 hours each way) Flights 0.00 Tonnes
Return long-haul flight (more than 4 hours each way) Flights 0.00 Tonnes
Event Offset Package packages 0.00 Tonnes
Number of days Days 1 at least
Number of guests Guests 0.00 Tonnes
Number of hotel rooms Hotel rooms 0.00 Tonnes

Total: 0 Tonnes

Items No. CO2
  0 Tons
  0 Tons of CO2 to offset
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*Results are rounded up to whole units in metric tonnes, we do not offer fractions of a tonne