Offset your Event

Whether it's an important meeting or the celebration of a special day, you can ensure your event is having a positive impact on both the environment and communities by donating the footprint to Carbon Neutral Planet.

You can choose from our preset Event Package, which offsets the carbon of a typical 100-person event, or you can use the calculators below for a more accurate estimation of your event's carbon emissions.

Either way, you'll be helping to ensure your get-together is good for the planet.

Offset your event

Event Offset Package

Offsets the carbon from a typical event with up to 100 guests

Build your own Package

Enter in the number of event guests and their travel plans.
Number of days
Minimum 1 day
Number of guests Guests 0.00 Tonnes
Number of hotel rooms hotel rooms 0.00 Tonnes
Please select the type of event you'd like to offset  
Return short-haul flight (less than 2 hours each way) Flights 0.00 Tonnes
Return medium-haul flight (between 2 and 4 hours each way) Flights 0.00 Tonnes
Return long-haul flight (more than 4 hours each way) Flights 0.00 Tonnes
Offset for a small/medium car kilometers 0.00 Tonnes
Offset for a large vehicle kilometers 0.00 Tonnes
Offset for a truck/commercial vehicle kilometers 0.00 Tonnes

Total: 0 Tonnes

Items No. CO2
  0 Tons
  0 Tons of CO2 to offset
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*Results are rounded up to whole units in metric tonnes, we do not offer fractions of a tonne