Why Offset?

With the dangerous effects of climate change becoming a reality, people are looking to corporate leaders to demonstrate their environmental and social responsibility. By offsetting your company’s carbon footprint with Bosque Sustentable A.C., you show your commitment to the environment while conserving one of the world’s most important protected areas – Mexico’s Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. When you offset with us, 100% of your donation stays within the Sierra Gorda, and for every 3 tonnes of carbon offset, we ensure the protection or restoration of one hectare of forest for a year.

How does it work?

Use our calculators to calculate and offset emissions from your company’s:

  1. Air and automobile travel
  2. Corporate events

Or, to offset your company’s total annual carbon footprint, contact us directly, and we´ll work together to calculate your offset and put you on the path to corporate sustainability.

Your compensation with Carbon Neutral Planet is a tax-deductible donation. In exchange for your donation, you’ll receive an official certificate recognizing your contribution and a map showing the forests that your donation helps to protect and the forest owners who you will be supporting.

Climate Champions

Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve

Community benefits

Your offset benefits not only the forests of the Sierra Gorda, but local communities and small landowners as well. Through your donation, landowners receive fair compensation for protecting and conserving their forests, thus providing valuable additional income for being stewards of the Reserve's natural heritage.

If you offset with Carbon Neutral Planet, you’re not just fighting climate change, you’re also protecting biodiversity and supporting communities in need – a triple return on your investment!