Who we Are

Carbon Neutral Planet is an initiative of Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda IAP, one of Mexico’s most respected conservation organizations, Bosque Sustenable A.C. and Viva Sierra Gorda, a project of Earth Island Institute, with headquarters in OAKLAND, California. Through our Carbon Offset program, we aim to give people and companies looking to reduce their environmantal impact an effective way to do so, while helping to preserve the country’s most bio-diverse natural area.

Our work is a partnership with local communities, providing them with sustainable livelihoods through the protection of their natural heritage. Together, we have been conserving the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve for the past 26 years, through clean-up campaigns, the establishment of community recycling centres, developing organic and sustainable vegetable gardens, and encouraging widespread community participation through environmental education. So far, we have helped plant 6 million trees, restored 41 micro-watersheds, regenerated more than 1,081 hectares of soil, and engaged hundreds of farmers in sustainable agriculture programs.

Biodiversity Carbon

Pioneering the development of Carbon Offset programs in high biodiversity communities, ours was the first in the country receive international recognition. Our Premium Carbon initiative was validated by Rainforest Alliance under the voluntary market standards of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) and the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). Currently we offer Biodiversity Carbon, which builds on this work, partnering with local landowners to protect and regenerate old forests, and also help guard against poaching. Through the program, damaged forests and vital undergrowth are able to regenerate, and capture more carbon, while local animal species – many of which are threatened – benefit through the restoration of their natural habitats and the prohibition of hunting.

We hope that the through the ongoing support of environmentally aware citizens and corporations, we can continue to combat climate change, deforestation, and poverty.


What you can do


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