Why Offset?

By offsetting your carbon emissions, you’re taking practical and effective action against climate change while conserving one the world’s most significant natural areas.

The way we live in modern society is taking its toll on the planet. In just 250 years we have developed industrial agriculture, cut down vast swathes of the world’s forests, drilled for oil, and mined for coal. All of these activities release carbon into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. Once in the atmosphere, the carbon dioxide increases the effect of the natural greenhouse effect, warming the planet.

One of the results is more extreme weather events: increased storms, flooding, and drought. While many of us have experienced this, it’s our natural ecosystems – and those that depend on them – that end up paying the price. But there are many things that individuals, businesses and governments can do to address climate change. The first is limiting the activities that produce carbon emissions. The second is offsetting what we can’t reduce, and helping to give the planet a chance to combat the effects.

Why Offset with Carbon Neutral Planet?

Today, Mexico is classified as one of the 5 most deforested countries in the world. But the forests that remain are among the oldest and most important in the world. These forests provide natural carbon-sinks, trapping harmful carbon emissions through their soils and vegetation, and mitigating the effects of climate change.

At Carbon Neutral Planet, we work with poor communities to restore and protect the forests of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Mexico’s most bio-diverse naturally protected area.

When you offset with Carbon Neutral Planet, you’ll be:

  • Protecting vital ecosystems from the vicious cycle of biodiversity loss and soil degradation.
  • Providing communities and local forest owners living in extreme poverty with fair compensation for conserving their lands and for the environmental services they provide.
  • Conserving the vital habitats of animals such as jaguars, ocelots, hummingbirds, butterflies and frogs in Mexico's most eco-diverse protected area.

Join the global movement to fight climate change, and at the same time, protect biodiversity and help communities in need. In return, you’ll receive a personalized certificate and your donation will be placed on our carbon offsetting map, so that you can see the land your investment is protecting.


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